Disney Vacation Project Ideas for Students

Exploring project ideas for a Disney vacation during the school year is a great idea for continuing a child's education even as he or she is making a mad dash for Mickey Mouse or screaming at High School Musical 3.

There are several project ideas for enhancing a kid's math skills while on a Disney trip. One idea is to entrust your child with a certain amount of money to spend for the trip, or if you would feel safer, just pretend. Have the youngster keep track of daily expenses, then each night see that they check what they have spent and what they have left for the next day. Have the kids be responsible for tracking gas mileage if driving your car or a rental. If the monorail takes 10 minutes to travel the seven miles between Magic Kingdom and Epcot, have the kids calculate the average speed.

Other project ideas include studying the biology of the region or exhibits. Kids can take pictures of the plant life in the area, or the plant life within each country's landscaping in the World Showcase exhibit. Maybe even collect samples if possible, and press between the pages of a scrapbook. Write down the names of animals in the Animal Kingdom Park, then that night or back at home, review where their natural habitat is located.

Watching for license plates is another fun project idea for children. They can write down what states the license plates represent, then plot them on a map. Kids can record the weather each day, acquiring the temperature and precipitation from the Internet or local TV. Have them calculate the average daily and weekly temperatures.

There are many parks and attractions within and adjacent to Disney, and creating reports on outings to these parks is another project idea. This includes the Living Seas pavilion for a marine biology report, Wonders of Life pavilion for a health report, and World Showcase to report on cultures from around the world. Sea World and the Kennedy Space Center provide educational opportunities for children.

Taking kids to Disney during the school year - including homeschoolers - should not create overdue worry for parents. If you work with teachers to integrate project ideas into the kids' classwork, determine the best period of time for the kids to be absent from school, and have your children take care of as much schoolwork as possible before leaving, your Disney vacation should be free from worry or guilt, and your kids will have the trip of their dreams.